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DNR seeks info on trumpeter swan, bald eagle shootings

Authorities are seeking information about a juvenile trumpeter swan and a bald eagle shot recently in northwestern Minnesota.

According to Ben Huener, conservation officer for the Department of Natural Resources in Roseau, Minn., the young trumpeter swan was found dead in the water along Pool 1 of the Roseau River Wildlife Management Area.

The swan definitely died at human hands, Huener said.

"The neck was wrung, and there's only one species that wrings necks," he said.

The eagle was found injured south of Wannaska, Minn., in early October and was taken to Beth Siverhus, a wildlife rehabilitator in Warroad, Minn.

"The eagle was in really rough shape when I first got it and was the thinnest eagle I'd ever handled," Siverhus said. After a 24-hour regimen of fluids, the eagle was able to eat solid food, she said.

Siverhus had the eagle for three days before it was transported on a Polaris plane to the University of Minnesota Raptor Center.

According to Siverhus, X-rays taken at the Raptor Center showed the eagle had been shot on its right side and most likely had broken its left wing tip when it fell. The eagle got an infection in its wing and was in rough shape for awhile, Siverhus said, but she's since heard from Raptor Center staff that it now is doing quite well.

"The infection in the bone is healing, and the bird's health is improving," Siverhus said. "It is quite amazing how tough these eagles are."

Anyone with information on either incident can call Minnesota's Turn in Poachers hotline at (800) 652-9093.