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Ely bear cub spotted alive, apparently well

Hope the bear cub

Hope the Internet-famous black bear cub has been spotted alive and apparently well by Ely bear researcher Sue Mansfield.

Mansfield captured a photo of Hope today not far from where the cub was last seen earlier this week.

It was feared that Hope, abandoned twice by its mother, Lily, may not survive without nursing and during the recent cool, wet weather. But Hope has now found the food left for it by Mansfield and Lynn Rogers near trees where the cub spent time with its mother earlier this spring.

The bears, which have become a worldwide sensation after a camera was placed in their den over the winter, now have more than 98,000 fans on Facebook.

Rogers and Mansfield have ruled out trying to reunite the cub and mother, as well as capturing the cub, and are instead trying to supplement its food so it might survive on its own once the summer berry crop ripens.