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Ely bear cubs due any day; check out the bear cam

It's likely Lily will have cubs in the next few days. Births are typically in mid to late January. 10 (71%) of 14 females like Lily had cubs at age 3 in this study. Lily is heavy for her age, so her odds are even better.

When I visited her at her den on January 11, her genitals were swollen like I've never seen in 43 years of research--but I had never visited a bear about to give birth before. Technology is letting all of us learn together. The way Lily is rearranging her bedding has me on edge. I think it's getting close.

For more on Lily, come to the North American Bear Center in Ely, MN, and watch "Bearwalker of the Northwoods" on Animal Planet in spring.

Lily's den cam is one of the best opportunities of my career to show people how real bears behave. People are falling in love with her. Thank you for so many requests for t-shirts. The North American Bear Center will have them available online in a week. We are grateful for your desire to help the Bear Center pay off its $700,000 debt so we can do more to help bears.

You can access the camera at