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East Grand Forks police discover bear remains near train tracks

The East Grand Forks Police Department responded to a call of possible body parts lying near the train tracks and the Red River shortly before 6 p.m. this evening -- but arriving officers discovered it was actually a plastic bag with bear remains inside, according to Officer Tim Everett.

"Somebody had just gutted a bear and put it in a plastic bag, and it floated up the river," he said.

The find was unusual, Everett admitted, and he said he had never before heard of some-thing like this. The incident was investigated and the case is closed, but officials weren't able to determine where the remains came from and no one was charged with a crime.

He said the caller had seen the bag and told officers she knew it was too big to be a deer. "She didn't know for sure, she just wanted us to check it out," he said.

Minnesota's black bear hunting season started Sept. 1 and runs until Oct. 18.