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DNR author writes manuals for nature lovers

Woodworking for wildlife

Carrol Henderson has lived his life among the winged wonders and wildlife of Minnesota and the world.

Henderson, the DNR's Nongame Wildlife Program Supervisor, has just published his third edition of "Woodworking for Wildlife," a must-read for nature lovers. The paperback details how to make homes for dozens of varieties of songbirds, waterfowl, bats and barn owls.

It features three local residents making a difference for loons - Lyle Laske of Big Mantrap Lake and Ed and Judy Novakof Eighth Crow Wing. And it suggests obtaining metal loon platforms from Izzy's Welding of Park Rapids.

Laske and other loon enthusiasts, with Izzy's Welding, have pioneered the lightweight metal platforms loons nest on throughout Mantrap. The Novaks are building cedar rafts and nesting rings for the state's bird on their lake.

The book includes beautiful photographs of the bird you can attract, some taken by Henderson and many contributed by birding enthusiasts.

And it includes threats and predators to watch for in attracting birds, where to build to minimize or avoid such threats and how to maintain avian homes in the long term

Hint: Once vacated, they can become habitat for mice, bees and blowfly larvae.

He includes templates for building and for entrance holes.

The book is available through the DNR at 1-800-657-3757 or at