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Snow keeps Bayfield woman on Mount Everest

Bayfield's Lori Schneider and her climbing companions are preparing to depart Camp 4 for their bid to reach the 29,035-foot-high summit of Mount Everest.

Four days after a Wisconsin woman with multiple sclerosis conquered Mount Everest, Lori Schneider is now stuck on that mountain ... at least temporarily.

Her associate, Dee Johnson of Bayfield, said Schneider is safe at Base Camp, the lowest of the five camps from the summit, but said the weather has turned sour, dumping several feet of snow on the Everest south side Base Camp. Beyond being too deep for the climbers to get to descend to an airfield in Lukla, it's too deep for yaks to get through the snow.

To top it off, the equipment at Base Camp is solar-

powered; without any sun, they're not able to use their radio and satellite telephone equipment.

Schneider reached the roof of the world Saturday morning after an 11-hour climb from Camp 4. The temperature was below zero and the wind was blowing at 60 mph. She is the first person with multiple sclerosis to summit Mount Everest.

The Bayfield woman also developed a common malady for people who reach the summit of Mount Everest. She has the "Khumbu Cough," caused in part by reaching the 29,000-foot peak.