Rare ice quake on Gull Lake?


Shortly after 7 p.m. Jan. 13, Jodi Schwen was watching television at her Gull Lake home when she and husband Kent heard a loud boom and felt the earth move.

"It was the deepest rumbling under the house," Jodi Schwen said. "I've never been in an earthquake but that's how I imagine it would feel."

The sound was so pronounced, they immediately went outside thinking a home may have been destroyed in a gas explosion.

Kent Schwen's parents, Maurice and Marvel Schwen, live on a nearby lakeshore lot and experienced the same noise and vibration along with several other neighbors, some more than one-half mile down the shore.

It was not until this past weekend that they took a closer look along the shore and discovered damage to structures and the landscape. A sidewalk on the elder Schwens' property is pushed up and broken in several places and sand on a nearby beach is mounded up where it's normally flat. A boathouse next door appears to have shifted from its foundation and previously straight trees are protruding at odd angles.


"It just looked like a bomb went off underground," Jodi Schwen said.