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Former PR resident wins NRA Palma match

Brian Mrnak with the Palma Individual Trophy he won at Camp Perry recently. (Submitted photo)

By Mike Gravdahl

Congratulations to former Park Rapids resident and Enterprise employee Brian Mrnak on his winning the NRA National Long Range Palma Individual Championship held recently at Camp Perry near Port Clinton, Ohio.

For those who do not know what the Palma matches are, a fired match consists of 15 shots each, slow fire prone, at 800, 900 and 1,000 yards using a .308 Winchester with open sights.

Yes, open sights!

This was Brian’s second year of shooting the matches and he joins the likes of long distance shooting legend David Tubb and Berger Bullets’ Bryan Litz as a winner of the Palma Individual Trophy that was first given out in 1913.

Gunsmith Scott Soik put the rifle together that he used featuring a Barnard action and Brux barrel. Brian bedded the rifle into the stock, and trust me, he can bed a barreled action into a stock. He has done several for me and every one of them shoots extremely well.

I talked to Brian this week and he said shooting conditions were horrible with winds gusting between 20-30 mph, which translates into some 40-100 inches of bullet drift at 1,000 yards.

He has long been excellent at reading the wind and compensating for it in his shooting and it really paid off at the Nationals with the win.

He got interested in the Palma game about 7 years ago and this win shouldm a

make him a shoo-in for selection to the National Rifle Team and a spot in the 2015 World Championships at Camp Perry.

Brian has long been interested in competitive shooting. When he lived here before he and Jenny purchased Sports Hollow Shooting Range in Ashland, Wis., he was busy putting loads together breaking thousands of primers, many of them on my range. He took part in several area distance shoots over the years winning his share. The purchase of the sports shop kept his feet wet so to speak where he shoots when time allows.