Letter to Editor: Thinking realistically about the future


Minnesota's population is growing, with the seven-county Twin Cities metropolitan area recently exceeding 3 million people. If we want to maintain affordable energy and our quality of life, we must make investments now to meet the needs of our growing population.

In addition to building housing, expanding roads and investing in water treatment, we need to increase our energy capacity. This means not only upgrading electricity generation and transmission, but also expanding pipeline systems.

Even as Minnesota adopts more renewable energy, we need pipelines to transport natural gas, oil and refined fuel products. We would be remiss to ignore the fact that we will continue to use traditional fuel for decades to come — not only for energy, but also for manufacturing thousands of products that we rely on every day.

We need to be practical about our future. Business, government and community leaders, as well as Minnesotans at large, should support energy infrastructure to keep our state moving forward.