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Administration in a hurry to get building design

On Aug. 8, a building advisory committee was posted on Menahga School District's BoardBook website. I checked the agenda and found it was lacking any topics of discussion. I contacted Jon Kangas and asked him to check why no topics were printed on the agenda. Meetings and agenda topics are to be posted at least three days in advance of meetings. How can you have a meeting without topics to discuss?

Jon went to the meeting and asked Durwin Tomperi and Kevin Wellen about the meeting agenda not posted correctly. Durwin had little to say. Kevin said Deb Lenzen had posted the meeting Aug. 1 and Jon challenged Kevin that the meeting had not been posted Aug. 1. Jon suggested he and Kevin review the videotapes for the truth. Kevin admitted to Jon that the posting had not taken place as Kevin previously stated. The meeting continued and Jon said he would not participate in the meeting and finally left the meeting feeling it was an illegal meeting. Before Jon left, he had the opportunity to see the three plans that Kevin, Troy Salmen and Foss Architects had at the meeting. These three people have decided they are going to lead the way for the purpose of getting a building proposal on the November ballot. Open enrollment should be the first decision before any building project is decided.

The policy reads like this:


Subd. 2.Special meetings.

(a) For a special meeting, except an emergency meeting or a special meeting for which a notice requirement is otherwise expressly established by statute, the public body shall post written notice of the date, time, place, and purpose of the meeting on the principal bulletin board of the public body, or if the public body has no principal bulletin board, on the door of its usual meeting room.

(b) The notice shall also be mailed or otherwise delivered to each person who has filed a written request for notice of special meetings with the public body. This notice shall be posted and mailed or delivered at least three days before the date of the meeting.

Make no mistake, the administration is in a hurry to get some building design on the November ballot and will do anything to get it done no matter the cost or who they bypass!

Silence is accepting the unacceptable! Let your voice be heard. Contact the board members.