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Letter: Progressive logic

In a June letter to the editor Mr. Lee Purrier, a self-proclaimed progressive, chose to ascribe the characteristic of racist to conservatives without explaining how conservatives are racist.

In July, Mr. Purrier in responding to a challenge to explain his comment wrote, "The only one that makes sense in Obama’s case is that he is black and that is racist."

He then went on to comment that "prominent black conservatives… certainly weren’t racist."

So we can deduce from this logic that Justice Clarence Thomas, Allan West, Tim Scott, Will Hurd and Mia Love are not racist but all the other conservatives who oppose any of Obama’s policies or executive orders are racist.

One might also deduce from this progressives logic that if we reverse the situation all members of the Congressional Black Caucus that opposed any policies or executive orders of a white president such as George W. Bush must be racist because the color of their skin is different than the executive at that time.

If the logic of a progressive is that skin color makes a difference than I still wear the title conservative as a badge of honor.