Letter: Trump wants to make ‘America great again’


Mr. Purrier, in his recent letter, lists a number of examples of what were great events in our history and what were not. A review of history reveals that up until the Civil War the slave owners in the southern states considered slaves chattel and, to perpetuate slavery, used them to enhance their control of the national government.

Because of the Civil War and during reconstruction the democrat progressives lost their political power. During the 1880s they began regaining their political power by inhibiting white republicans and previous slaves from voting by using threats, punishment, literacy tests and poll taxes. Progressive democrats continued these extreme tactics in one form or another until about the mid 1900s.

Strife and conflict were major factors in the evolution of our country. These issues and efforts reached culmination about mid 1900s, also, and resulted in the U.S. becoming the strongest, richest, most respected and feared and benevolent country in the world.

In my opinion, the U.S. was at its greatest during the last half of the 20th Century. During this period our economy exploded, wages increased dramatically, jobs were plentiful, work benefits increased, retirement and medical plans were introduced and expanded and our standard of living became the envy of the world. Also, after W.W. II the U.S. inherited from Britain the responsibility of world leadership. There were some military and economic setbacks during this period but overall it was a very great time in our history. This was accomplished under the free enterprise system with limited government interference and regulation. People were determined, opportunistic, risk takers, diligent, responsible and embraced liberty, freedom, opportunity and love of country.

One would have a problem naming a single good and/or successful accomplishment of the Obama Administration. Our economy has limped along for eight years, true unemployment is near 10 percent, average incomes have decreased, bigotry, racism and divisiveness have increased, political correctness is predominant, poverty has increased, Obamacare is a mess, foreign policy is non-existent, our military capacity has weakened, our veterans are being mistreated, law enforcement personnel are not supported, our allies don’t trust us, our enemies don’t fear us, we are not respected as we provide no world leadership, terrorism is increasing and our President demonstrates sympathy for terrorists as he won’t properly define them and takes no bold action against them. He ignores laws he doesn’t agree with and governs by edict. Our current national debt has doubled to $20 trillion and growing.

Mr. Purrier correctly attributes all these failing Obama foreign, social and domestic policies to liberal progressive democrats. In actuality, these actions have proven to be regressive rather than progressive for a vast majority of American people.

Candidate Hillary Clinton has stated she agrees with the current liberal policies and would continue to expand the status quo.

The choice is ours, "We the People," to make as voters.