Letter: Memorial Day program remarkable


It doesn’t get any more memorable or reflective than this – from the Armed Forces Salute by the Park Rapids Area High School Band to Taps by Ray Vaadeland – that’s the annual American Legion Memorial Service. Retired Major Henderson very aptly brought the experiences and sacrifices of military conflict to a personal level that had to touch every heart in the packed PRAHS auditorium.

Sarah Kaufenberg’s Children’s Choir resonated faith, pride and love for our great country. All while Pastor Brown keeps the message alive that "freedom isn’t free" and giving gratitude to all who serve and have served.

Their words are definitely a statement to anyone who chooses to make this anything other than a God loving country. Special thanks to Lefty Anderson and each of you who bring this remarkable program to our community. Put it on your calendar for next year.

Gary L. Gauldin, Park Rapids