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Letter: Remove out-of-district busing in Menahga

As a Menahga School district tax payer, myself and many others are at odds with many of the school board members and administration. The fact that we (tax payers) are not wanting to have our taxes increased, pay extra for each open enrolled student, add on to our school because of this open enrolled problem and the board not willing to listen to practical solutions to resolve the overcrowding situation baffles us all. My solution was simple. Remove the out-of-district busing and let the school population seek its true level and make the necessary cuts in the budget.

Until we make our board and administration understand this problem, it will only continue to escalate.

Again, our school size and buildings are proportionate to the Menahga district population. We have to take control of our school and the only way to do this is to voice your opinion, attend meetings for information and vote.

Rick Gibbs, Menahga