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Letter: Establishment leery of Trump

While he was still on the campaign trail Marco Rubio asserted that if we fail to elect a Republican President this fall that we will be faced with a continuation of the "failed Clinton Presidency."

Not bad, Senator. Two lies in one sentence.

First, Hillary Clinton is her own person. Her administration would certainly not be a carbon copy of Bill’s.

Secondly, the only failed presidency that we have had in the past 35 years is that of George W. Bush. Bush inherited a balanced budget from Clinton. He promptly decimated it by waging an unnecessary and ill-advised war in Iraq while simultaneously cutting taxes. He was the recipient of much sympathy and good will toward our nation after 9-11. He squandered that with his go-it-alone, shoot from the hip type of cowboy diplomacy. He championed the No Child Left Behind Act which forces teachers to abandon enrichment activities and teach for the test. He expanded the welfare state even though he called himself a Republican.

I think we Republicans should man up and apologize to the American people for selling this guy to them in 2000 and again in 2004.

With a record like this it is easy to understand why the GOP establishment is leery of Donald Trump. Every merchant knows that his business with cease to exist if he continues to market bad products.

 Jerry Miller, Sebeka