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Letter: More smoke and mirrors

After reading a well written Letter in a robotic "Attack and Response" format in the April 2 edition of the Park Rapids Enterprise titled, "Nolan: No better friend of veterans" authored by Lowell Shellack of Park Rapids and a Director of the Hubbard County DFL, an opinion authored and published by a disabled veteran in Backus, Minn. in the March 29, issue of the Brainerd Dispatch, especially riveted my attention and in my opinion shatters the "No Better Friend" attribute.

It reads as follows: " I find it very amazing that Eighth District Congressman Rick Nolan and his crew can get U. S. Secretary of Veterans Affairs Robert McDonald to come to the VA hospitals in Minneapolis and St. Cloud to discuss labor management disputes but not once were specific veteran’s health care issues even discussed. In fact, not one veteran having health care issues was even invited. Well, Mr. Nolan I’m glad you feel the priority is on labor-management and the health care of the individual veterans comes second. I guess it all relates back to your younger days when you stood on the corners in northern Minnesota and protested the Vietnam War while veterans fought and died for your freedom. You are still, many years later, putting veterans as second class people. I’m sure this will look very good on your re-election resume for this fall."

Tex Guinan once said "A politician is a fellow who will lay down your life for his country." Nolan: No better friend of veterans? A perpetuation of establishment business as usual. It is time to retire establishment Rick Nolan and vote in Stewart Mills as the new 8th District Congressional Representative who will listen to and more effectively pursue dedicated support of our disabled veterans.   

Chuck Fuller, Park Rapids