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Letter: Reply to "Save the Garfield Lake Road"

Please make sure you have all the facts before making judgments on people or situations.

For two years the board members of Hart Lake Township have been in discussions with property owners over the closing of a section of Pickerel Road located on the northeast edge of Garfield Lake. Although the beach on this property has been used by the public for many years it has always been private property. There have been a number of owners and no agreements have been written or implied for use of this lakeshore by the public.

Just because we have been trespassing for decades doesn’t make it anymore legal or right. This is private property. None of us have any right to be on it.

When the board members decided to bring a proposal to the property owners it was at the urging of community members. Without this proposal and eventual agreement the public would have no lawful access to use the north end of the lake or the beach they love. In this agreement the property owners donated an entire lot, the one containing the main beach, and will pay all expenses to build the new section of road. As a community we will be given a legal public beach maintained by Hubbard County with amenities including garbage disposal, bathrooms and safe parking. This seems like a win to me!

I personally would like to thank the board members for all the hard work they have done to accomplish this task. We elected these people to make these hard decisions and choose what is in the best interest of our community.

This isn’t an agreement that was done in haste or without due consideration. They will never make everyone completely happy, that just

isn’t possible. They have created a way for us to keep our beach and enjoy our lake for generations to come. Can we please be a little grateful and

appreciate what we have been given, instead of smearing their names and reputations and feeling that we are entitled to more?

Jessica Howg, Laporte