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Letter: Enbridge's actions speak louder than words

Enbridge’s public relations team is pretty slick with their message of how good the Sandpiper and Line 3 pipelines will be for Minnesota’s headwaters lake country region. Let’s see if their actions match their words.  On the environment: They’ve endlessly hyped their new safety technology as the “be all and end all” for protecting Minnesota’s pristine waters, but you might ask them. “If you are proclaiming yourself a great environmental steward, then why are you leaving your pipelines exposed in Minnesota’s Tamarac and Necktie Rivers?”

Their actions (in this case, lack of action) do not match their words.  On jobs: Enbridge’s expert economist reported over 20,000 jobs would be created from the Sandpiper pipeline alone. Under questioning from the Public Utilities Commissioners Enbridge in reality claimed only 22 permanent jobs.  On taxes: Rosy reports have been issued of the additional property taxes each county will gain. Did you know while the public relation folks are saying that, Enbridge’s lawyers and accountants are acting to sue these same counties and demanding refunds on property taxes previously paid?  

Their actions speak louder than their words. Minnesota’s water should not have to pay the price for Enbridge’s profits. Up here a barrel of water is worth more than a barrel of oil.

Michael Hadfield, Park Rapids