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Letter: Obamacare is not what Americans want

Obamacare is not what Americans want

Recently, this paper contained a letter to the editor written by Lee Purrier regarding privatization in this country. He says private sector control has increased since the early 1980s. I would argue the opposite has occurred. Think about the increase in government control over our lives during this period. Name one thing that doesn’t have government involvement in one form or another.

He goes into great detail about Obamacare benefits and strongly believes it should be expanded to a totally government run (single payer) program. He concludes that under his preferred utopian government-run program all our health problems would be over.

Based on what we are learning about Obamacare ramifications, provisions, implementation and cost, it becomes obvious government doesn’t know what it’s doing or what the people want.

Many doctors and medical facilities such as Mayo Clinic are considering or have already decided they will not be providers for Obamacare patients. Consequently, under a government-run program, where does one go and when for care?

Medical professionals don’t want a government run program because it inhibits their professional abilities. Also, the government-mandated fees don’t cover the doctor’s costs and added costs due to record keeping and clerical staff. These mandated restrictions and requirements are they cause for doctors to refuse serving Obamacare patients. As a result, some doctors are considering early retirement and young people are less likely to go into the medical field. We are potentially facing a huge doctor shortage.

In order for Obamacare to become law with a majority of one vote, two or three senators had their vote secured with promises of pork. The vote was taken on Christmas Eve when no one was watching. Sometime prior to the vote, Nancy Pelosi, then leader of the House of Representatives, was questioned about the content of the proposed law. Her response was that we need to pass it before we know what’s in it. We are now finding out. We’re also learning that President Obama lied many times to the American people about the content of the law.

Not one congressional Republican voted for Obamacare. Also, a majority of Americans didn’t and still don’t want Obamacare and the number will increase as more people realize how it affects them personally. Remember, the Democrats wrote Obamacare, they passed it and now they alone own it. Until recently President Obama proudly referred to the Affordable Care Act as Obamacare. Now he calls it the Affordable Care Act. Why the subtle change?

Saturday, Dec. 7 was the 72nd anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. The second world war began, which included converting to military industrial production, creating a huge military force, logistics, fighting two enemies and defeating both. All this was accomplished in less time than it’s taking Obama and his staff to implement a website for Obamacare.

Arnold Leshovsky