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Letter: Thanks for sending letter

My niece had written a letter to my mother, Mary, (Grandma) and enclosed a picture of her daughter, Mary’s great-granddaughter inside. The letter was handed off to her mother with a “please mail for me.” It came back with postage due, no stamp. She added a stamp and resent. It got to Grandma Mary, but her vision is poor and wanted me to read it to her. We were on our way to an appointment at the clinic so I put the letter in my pocket to read it there. We got to the clinic and I couldn’t find the letter. I looked everywhere and thought it might be back at Care-Age Home. When we got back there was no letter to be found.

I was so sad I had lost her letter and so was she. Letters are so few today. I contacted my niece to see if she could send another letter and picture. Some time had gone by and the letter had been found outside at St. Joseph’s Hospital/Clinic parking lot and was re-mailed to my mom. Whoever found that letter, we cannot thank you enough. What a wonderful act of kindness to take the time to resend that letter. Bless you and again, thank you.

Grandma Mary Williams

and Christy Munson

Park Rapids