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Editorial: Jail revenues are turning around, but so are drug busts in the area

Things may be turning around for the Hubbard County Correctional Center.

The oft-maligned facility has been picking up inmates and revenues lately.

According to Sheriff Cory Aukes, “Our May numbers are in. Our average daily inmate count in May was 47 inmates. Our highest was 53 inmates. The revenue we generated for boarding inmates for other counties was $18,882 for the month of May.  

“The agencies that we have been doing business with are Wadena and Becker Counties as well as the Minnesota Department of Corrections. This is the highest amount of revenue that I can recall since we opened our new jail other than for a couple of months during the Red River flood when we boarded inmates for Clay County.”

That’s great news. In April, the jail was boarding between 50-58 inmates daily with revenues of $14,000.

Why the turnaround?

For one, Aukes attributes the numbers to good relations with our neighbors.

Hubbard County offers them a fair rate, with discounts for 10 inmates or more.

But the more sinister explanation is drugs.

Drug enforcement efforts have reached a high pitch due to Hubbard County’s affiliation with two drug task forces operating in our region and just plain old aggressive tactics to snare dealers by our local officers.

Drugs that haven’t seen the light of day for eons are popping back up in our neck of the woods. Meth is making an alarming comeback.

So, whatever the reason is, keep ‘em coming, the inmates, that is.

They’re money in our pocket. Hopefully we can recoup the costs of the drug prosecutions and treatment for addicts along the way.