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Editorial : Thanks to all who volunteered during fires

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Our volunteer firefighters, law enforcement, Department of Natural Resources workers and other volunteers were amazing this week in working tirelessly to keep our families safe during the wildfire. You are our heroes!

The Green Valley Fire started Tuesday afternoon and spread quickly but firefighters were on the scene immediately. Strong winds didn’t help them in keeping the fire contained but they didn’t give up.

Our community really knows how to come together in good times and bad.

Coming off a high from a successful Governor’s Fishing Opener, the community was once again tested to come together but this time in a crisis.

Between 200 and 300 people attended a community meeting Thursday night in Menahga to find out ways to offer support to their friends and neighbors.

As early as Tuesday night, communities in our area were offering help. Sebeka School offered to let residents of the Green Pine Acres Nursing home and other residents in the area spend the night there as a precaution because at the time, the exact path of the fire was unknown.

The school fed its guests breakfast about 6:30 Wednesday morning and about two hours later nursing home residents started heading back to Menahga after getting the OK from officials there.

Kelly Elsner and his crews sprang into action to help out neighbors and friends by using water trucks to keep structures and yards watered down. No one asked them to risk their lives to help out. They wanted to help.

These are just some of the many stories of our community members stepping up to the plate to help others.

Although the fire seemed to be contained as of Friday, the work is not done. Those who lost homes, property and other belongings will need our help more than ever in the coming weeks and months.

Cleanup will take a long time but we’re confident that our community will continue to support those who were victims of the wildfire. That’s what this community does.