Weather Forecast


Editorial: Mother Nature: Please stop with the snow!

We missed much of the snow that hit parts of Minnesota Thursday night and into Friday morning but we could see a bit more snow this weekend.

The National Weather Service is reporting that snow is likely Saturday night with a chance of precipitation at 60 percent. Sunday has a chance for more precipitation. It doesn’t look like a lot of snow but enough is enough, Mother Nature!

Roads could be slick so make sure to continue driving safely.

The snow has caused annoyance for most of us, including spring athletes, with several high school meets canceled or rescheduled already. It’s been tough and we hope that entire seasons aren’t shot because of the lingering snow.

We appreciate the good humor many people are showing with the upcoming Governor’s Fishing Opener. And, rest assured, the GFO is a go.

“No date changes will occur,” emphasizes Chamber director Katie Magozzi of the May 9-11 “Catch a Memory” event.

“It will go on – rain or shine or ice,” GFO event chair Dennis Mackedanz agrees. “We’ve dedicated a lot of effort to this. We will celebrate.”

People have been offering suggestions on how to get rid of the ice more quickly, from bringing in chainsaw carvers to create ice sculptures to using a hair dryer.

We’ll get through this long, grueling winter together. Let the light-hearted, humorous suggestions continue. We’re confident the end is in sight.