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Editorial: Save time on Election Day: Register now

Election Day will be here before we know it. We all need to make sure we vote to make sure our voice is heard.

To save time on Election Day, check to see if you are registered to vote now. People can still register to vote on Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 6, at their polling place as long as they provide proper proof of residence.

Voters can check to see if they are registered to vote at their current address on the Office of the Secretary of State website at

If you are not registered, you must bring proof of residence with you to your polling location to register on Election Day.

In the meantime, become informed about your candidates.

Several meet the candidate nights have been organized by the League of Minnesota Voters in October to introduce people to city, school board, county and state candidates. Look for more information about these events in upcoming issues of the Enterprise.

To be eligible to vote you must: be a U.S. citizen; be at least 18 years old on Election Day; have resided in Minnesota for at least 20 days immediately preceding Election Day; have any felony conviction completed or discharged; not have had your voting rights revoked by a court; and not have been found legally incompetent by a court. Voters need to re-register if they change their names, do not vote for four years, or when they move, even if it is between apartments.

Voters must bring proof of residence to register on Election Day at their polling place. Options include:

n Minnesota driver's license, state ID, permit or receipt for any of these with current address in the precinct.

n Photo ID without a current address with a bill from your current address in the precinct and is due within 30 days.

Or any of the following:

n Student ID (if your name is on the college housing list provided to your local election official)

n Registered voter from your precinct to "vouch" for you (must sign an oath that they personally know that you reside in the precinct).

n Valid registration in the same precinct under different name or address

n Notice of late registration, if you received one

n Employee of a residential facility to vouch for you (nursing home, battered women's shelter, etc.)

n Tribal ID with photo, signature and current address in the precinct

Voters can locate their polling place by going to The Hubbard County Auditor's Office can also assist people with election questions. Call 732-3196.