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How valuable are fireworks on the Fourth?

How important is the Park Rapids Fourth of July fireworks show to you? Or the better question might be how much would you spend to see the Fourth of July fireworks?

In an article in today's Enterprise, the Park Rapids Rotary Club has announced that the fireworks show is in jeopardy if fund raising efforts come up shy of a $20,000 goal.

Many people don't realize that the show is completely funded through donations from businesses and community members. There is no government money put into the show and no tax dollars are spent.

The Park Rapids Rotary Club is responsible for putting the show together and getting it funded. And the need for funding is urgent.

The fireworks show in Heartland Park, overlooking Fish Hook River, is a major summer event and draw for tourists. The event brings people to the area and those people, in turn, will likely spend money at our local businesses. And in this economic climate, it is particularly important to keep tourism strong.

Local businesses have in the past stepped up to pay for the fireworks. But, let's face it - they are struggling a bit more this year.

Yes, most of us have watched our spending extra carefully this year and may not have much extra to spend. If everyone contributed just a little bit, it could add up quickly, though.

Let's join together as a community and continue to make the Park Rapids fireworks show and Fourth of July activities a highlight of the summer and a destination for tourists.

What is the show worth to you? Has it become a family tradition? If so, consider donating to the fireworks fund. Every little bit will help.

To make a donation, send a check made out to Park Rapids Rotary Fireworks Fund, PO Box 704, Park Rapids, MN 56470.