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Editorial: Flying flag one way to promote patriotism

The Park Rapids Enterprise and vets raised a flag to dedicate the company’s new flagpole Thursday. From left the veterans are Bob Safratowich and Lefty Anderson watched by Lou Schultz. Holding the flag and partially obscured on the right is Ron Masanz. Forum Communications, which owns the Enterprise, gives each newspaper funds to improve the culture at each workplace. (Jean Ruzicka / Enterprise)

 This week the Enterprise installed a new flag pole outside the building and with the help of some local veterans proudly raised the United States flag. It’s a great addition to the Enterprise as we join many other businesses throughout the community in this show of pride and patriotism.  A group of local veterans a few months ago approached us with an idea to increase patriotism in the community by promoting businesses that fly the flag.

Our flag installation project emerged, in part, from this conversation as well as an effort to celebrate positive culture in the workplace and the community.  Much of our staff has strong military ties and we thought flying a flag outside the Enterprise made perfect sense, and was long overdue.  Forum Communications initiated a program two years ago to promote a positive culture within all the company’s properties, including the Enterprise. The core beliefs of the culture initiative are: Work together. Have fun. Find balance. Be respectful. Engage yourself. Be innovative. Listen to others.  Simply installing the pole and raising the flag ourselves as a staff would have been just fine, but we decided to take a step further and seek the guidance of veterans who are involved in doing so many great things in the community.  

We were honored to have Lou Schultz and Ron Masanz from the Star of the North Marine Corps League, and Bob Safratowich and Dave “Lefty” Anderson of the Park Rapids American Legion stop by for a proper flag-raising, along with some coffee, cookies and good conversation.  We display the flag proudly and respectfully to honor all those that have served, as well as stand behind the principals that have shaped this great country.   It’s critical for us as the local newspaper and leading news source in the Park Rapids area to remain connected to the community.

This project is more than just us as a business flying the flag. This is about promoting a positive culture within the community.  It’s great to drive around Park Rapids area and see the stars and stripes flying high at so many locations. We’re glad to join the ranks of other businesses, organizations, government buildings and private residences in displaying the flag. We encourage others to do the same.  It’s a great feeling, and now going into Veterans Day could be the right time for your own flag installation. Let’s build off the idea of the local veterans groups and increase patriotism in our community.