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Commentary : Happy Mother’s Day from your friends at Companeros and the Dorset House

So many years of fixing, extreme cleaning, excitement, anticipation, food prepping, talking, planning, and old and new friends coming together with one common purpose!  

Mother’s Day is upon us again and for the first time in 30 years, we won’t be doing what all of us have so come to love on this special day.

The kitchens were stocked and ready and started buzzing on Saturday - and by early Sunday morning people were running at fever pitch. From thousands of chips frying and tub upon tub of pizza dough rising, to buffet preparations and tray after tray of Fried Ice Cream and Mexican Mud Balls, the sounds and smells of the kitchen, loud music, and the banter of the best people I have ever worked with, cranking so hard and efficiently, was amazing! The excitement (as if I wasn’t excited enough already) was exhilarating and contagious when I would walk in kitchen at about 9 a.m. The cooks had already been at it for hours.  

There were treats and welcome signs for the crew, and as the rest of them began to show up the excitement just kept growing. Finally, it was time to open the doors… if you have never done it, it sounds strange, but the feeling was kind of like coming out of the locker room for a big game!

Like clockwork, there many of you were!....guests and friends, such wonderful people who have become part of our lives over all these years, as we hope we have become part of yours… family. The day was always a glorious blur - so many great people coming through - tons of food and drink; greetings, laughs, goodbyes; over 12,000 trees over the years handed out to Moms; people experiencing a first visit or a family tradition. We all feel very honored that you chose to join us on this and so many other special occasions.  

We are deeply saddened that because of the massive fire from a lightning bolt last fall, none of this is happening this year. We would again like to thank all of you for helping make Companeros and the Dorset House possible. Thanks for all the support, help and well wishes from so many of you during and after the devastating fire. We do not have anything definite to report now, except that cleanup is progressing. We remain very hopeful that by next year at this time, the excitement will be back and we may have the privilege of greeting all of you again with chips and a Glenny’s, or a Dorset House pizza and a Clown Sundae. As things progress, we will keep you informed. Please know that you are in the hearts of all of us that called Companeros and the Dorset House our second home.

Happy Mother’s Day! 

Rick Kempnich and your Companeros and Dorset House family