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Living at Home recipients being asked to share costs of services

Judi Frye

"Living at home".... Three comforting words we all tend to take for granted - until we are told we can't live there anymore...

Our mission at Living at Home is to enlist volunteers and other community resources to enable seniors to remain living at home.

We coordinate volunteers and services to assist individuals 65 and older (60+ can obtain respite care) who wish to continue to live independently in their homes. "Home" may be a private residence, an apartment or a senior housing complex.

We reach out to seniors living in southern Hubbard and eastern Becker counties including the communities of Park Rapids, Nevis, Akeley, Two Inlets and Osage.

Livings at Home's operational funds come from a variety of sources. We are supported by donations, fundraising events, and state and federal grants. Grants cover approximately 48 percent of our costs but are not guaranteed from year to year with restrictions increasing each year.

In order to qualify for our 2012 grants, we are required to implement a cost-sharing program. This means that starting January 2012 we will begin asking our clients to share in our cost of providing services.

It would not be possible for us to provide the kind of help that we do without the financial support of those who benefit from our services. While volunteers cover our biggest expense, we do have other overhead costs that are associated with running our program.

Some of these items are rent, mileage, insurance, staff, etc.

We will use a sliding scale based on a gross income to determine the "Suggested Cost Share" donation for our clients.

Seniors in the lowest income bracket will not be asked to donate.

Clients will receive a monthly statement with the suggested amount to donate. Balances will not be carried over from month to month and no services will be denied based on donations. The amount is just as it's stated: "Suggested."

All we ask is that our clients send in what they feel they can contribute to help with our program costs.

Our program continues to remain free of "charge;" however, we must also look at the sustainability of our program. Cost sharing will allow our program and the services we offer to remain as a vital part of our community for years to come, plus will give us the opportunity to expand our services.

I encourage anyone who has questions regarding our services, volunteering, our new cost sharing program or items they would like to see covered in our next column to please contact us at 732-3137 or PO Box 465, Park Rapids.

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