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Editorial: Think carefully about filling council seat

A vacancy on the Park Rapids City Council brought about after the November election provides an excellent opportunity for someone to step up to the role.

The vacancy occurred when Pat Mikesh beat out incumbent Nancy Carroll for the Park Rapids mayor seat. Mikesh was just two years into his four-year term as a councilman.

The council will give authorization to city staff to advertise for the open position. We hope members of the community think seriously about considering a council position.

Park Rapids has a wealth of knowledgeable people who care about their community and would do a great job helping to make informed decisions on issues.

Several important decisions will need to be made in the next several years, including water quality issues, aging infrastructure and growing the economy.

We hope the council will also look seriously at the open seat and think about seeking out possible applicants that would bring knowledge and passion to the table.

Local government is important and has a far greater impact on most people's lives than federal or state government. Our local officials are responsible for many of our daily needs, including street repair, snow removal, water, sewer and more.

If a council position is a bit too much commitment for you but you would like to serve in another way consider a committee.

The city often has openings for several committees and recently advertised for members of the Arts & Culture Advisory Commission, Housing & Redevelopment Authority, Library Board (both counties and city positions) and Parks Board.

A position on one of these advisory committees is a great way to get your foot in the door of local government and have your voice heard.

Consider stepping up to serve your community.

For more information on applying for the open city council seat or another volunteer committee go to City Hall, 212 West 2nd Street, Park Rapids, or call 732-3163.