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Editorial: Consider giving to the max on Thursday, Nov. 15

As the holidays approach, many of us think about ways to give to others. The perfect time to make a donation to a non-profit in Minnesota is Give to the Max Day on Thursday, Nov. 15.

GiveMN is a collaborative venture to transform philanthropy in Minnesota by growing overall giving and moving more of it online. It is a new model for e-philanthropy. The website is a website that features every Minnesota nonprofit. GiveMN markets giving opportunities and donor tools to people who care about Minnesota.

On Give to the Max Day Thursday, Nov. 15, thousands of Minnesota nonprofits come together to raise millions of dollars in just 24 hours.

GiveMN was designed and launched by the Minnesota Community Foundation in 2009 in partnership with 14 other funders.

GiveMN is one of the nation's leading web portals for charitable giving. Although there are many national online giving platforms for people to choose from, GiveMN is unique. GiveMN believes that its success is not in-spite of the fact that it is local but rather because it is local.

Reasons to donate online include reduced costs to non-profits. According to, raising $1 online costs 7 cents, as opposed to 20 cents for grant writing or up to $1.25 to acquire new donors through direct mail.

Consider opening your pocketbooks this holiday season and donate on Give to the Max Day Nov. 15.