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Editorial: School PTA continues to collect labels

The Century School PTA is hard at work collecting labels again this year and can use even more.

The PTA is still collecting Box Tops, Campbell's UPCs, Kemps milk caps and proof of purchase seals, Land O' Lakes milk caps, Coborn's Labels for Learning receipts, Our Family UPCs (J&B Foods), Fast Fixn's and Tyson's labels.

Unfortunately, the Kemp's milk cap program will be discontinuing as of Nov. 1, 2012. However, the PTA will still collect them until the end of the fall contest and try to mail in as many as possible before the deadline. Please bring those in as soon as possible. The money earned from the Box Tops goes to the media center to buy new books for the library. In the last 10 years the PTA has been able to give the library over $24,000.

The money from the other labels is used to buy school supplies for the Park Rapids teachers and students to use throughout the school year. The closet is used a lot.

So, send in those labels with a child, grandchild, neighbor or friend. The classrooms that collect the most labels win a classroom party. The first contest ends Friday, Oct. 26, so be sure to get those labels in. If you don't have anyone in the school system please drop them at the school office or maybe your local church as there are collection boxes in a few of the churches in town also.

The school has been very lucky to have had such great support from the community on this project in the past and are hoping to see that support continue in the future.

To help sort, cut or count labels with the PTA, contact Jodi Behrens, PTA Label chair at 237-6360.