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COLA is misguided in variance oversight

In the Aug. 18 Enterprise, when I saw COLA trying to run people's lives by following their president and lawyer's nearsighted and misdirected advice yet again, and then saw the "Save the Loons" sign I laughed out loud. Seriously!

Save the Loons? If you want to save the loons maybe you should listen to the Schneemans and the Rehkamps at Eagles Landing. Consider that Schneemans' plan to move and improve the cabins by setting them back at least beyond the 50 foot impact zone greatly improves the site and the lake impact. The Rhekamps wisely seek to "retain" the 11 slips they have had for 30 plus years which would lessen the lake impact by leaving boats at the dock, instead of burning gas by constantly taking them in and out of the water.

Thank you Rehkamps and Schneemans for caring for our environment!

Mr. Mutsch; you actually have friends who feel they need to "abandon the area" and head north because of lake deterioration (Enterprise, Aug. 21)? Update us please! Which of our pristine lakes needs cleaning up so we can all remedy the situation? This sounds like groping for attention at best.

Many lakeshore ordinances are intrusive into people's liberty to do what they want with their own property and need to be changed: 50 to 100 foot set backs to lessen impact, and a compliant sewer system is understandable, but what an owner builds is their business, it is their land!

Organizations like you COLA elitists are wasting taxpayer money with frivolous suits and complaints like this. Remember COLA leaders, the lakes are not yours; they belong to the people of Minnesota to enjoy. Everyone must stop listening to these elitists and certain commissioners like Doc Carlson who want to continually tell you what "they" want you to do with your land.

COLA's leadership along with these ever increasing ordinances are becoming more and more restrictive for personal and misguided reasons and not for common sense. Hopefully Eagle's Landing will strike back at this frivolous suit so you elitists will quit trying to stifle common sense and steal people's liberties!

Richard Schmidt