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Letters: Daffodil dollars used for cancer research

As Hubbard County Daffodil chair for the American Cancer Society, I feel such joy in living in such a warm and giving community. The support of our community is appreciated very much. I wish to thank all who purchased daffodils.

Many business owners supported ACS with the "Bear Hugs" for children with cancer and "Gift of Hope" for those under going current cancer treatments.

There are many volunteers involved in the Daffodil Days project and I wish to thank each of you. Without your help I could not have done this. I had many people help with taking orders, helping sort, count and deliver the daffodils. A special thank you to all my sweet ladies who gave of their time selling the daffodils with the on-site sales at our local businesses. A special thank you to Park Ace Hardware, Coborn's and J&B Foods in Park Rapids, the Nevis Study Club and Osage Country Market.

Susan Monsrud, Hubbard County Daffodil chair, American Cancer Society