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Letters: Look to others for interim position

In response to the article in Saturday's Enterprise concerning Mr. Gary Mills resigning as sheriff and recommending chief deputy Frank Homer to act as sheriff I felt that was wrong. If we are going to give preference to anyone to find an interim sheriff my sights would be on deputy Cory Aukes. Cory has been a deputy for 19 years. During that time he has had an excellent record. His commitment to professionalism in his duties is just a small part of what Cory has contributed to Hubbard County. His enthusiasm and youthfulness sets him apart from other candidates for this position. His repoir with the younger crowd is excellent. I know for a fact that Cory has followed through on cases that he took his own time to investigate. His candor to relate in a personal way in difficult situations makes this man unique. In these times I feel that the county board needs to look to the future. By allowing Cory to act as the interim sheriff it will fine-tune him to represent our county for many years to come.

Ken Bjorn, Straight River Township