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Consider a donation to the food shelf

As more and more people are tight on cash, the Hubbard County Food Shelf has seen an increase in usage.

Food donations are needed more than ever now.

The annual food drive began March 1 and will continue throughout the month. Money and food collected during the drive are the basis for Minnesota FoodShare local funding.

Locally, the Hubbard County Food Shelf reported that the number of individuals served is up 250 percent. In January, 232 families (a record) sought assistance from the food shelf.

The cost of food has also increased, making it more difficult to keep the shelves stocked.

The food shelf is seeing more elderly people in need of food, as well as larger families. There are many reasons people end up at the food shelf, including job loss or an expensive surgery. No matter the reason, people shouldn't have to be hungry. Please, help if you can.

Cash is the most effect way to donate because the food shelf is able to purchase food at a very cost-effective rate through the regional food bank in Crookston at reduced rates.

Donations for the Hubbard County Food Shelf may be mailed to Dave Long, 15701 Essex Rd., Park Rapids, MN 56470. Food donations are also appreciated. Hubbard County Food Shelf drop-off locations include Park Rapids churches, banks, schools, grocery stores, the hospital and Innovis Health.

Area food shelves are also accepting donations. Donations to the Akeley-Nevis Community Food Shelf may be sent to First Lutheran Church, PO Box 98, Akeley, MN 56433 or dropped off at churches in Nevis and Akeley. The Menahga Food Shelf mailing address is PO Box 98, Menahga, MN 56464.

Food shelf clients are the working poor, according to Minnesota FoodShare. People using food shelves do not earn enough to cover their basic needs. Low wages without benefits, childcare expenses, skyrocketing housing and fuel costs and high out-of-pocket medical expenses make working families vulnerable to hunger. More and more people are in this situation.

Help out if you can. Now is the time to donate. No one should have to be hungry.