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Letters: What about cost of living?

The CEO and the Board of Directors of Itasca-Mantrap should be ashamed of their latest decision regarding increased rates and rate structure. In case no one noticed, the basic charge increased from $16.50 to $26. What ever happened to cost of living increase of 3-4 percent? The usage rates were also increased by a larger percent.

This affects everyone in the community. It affects seasonal folks like myself who are being asked to pay for six months when we do not use a "drop" of electrical power. With the telephone company, seasonal rates are reduced to approximately half of the regular rate. With the TV companies like Direct TV, the rates become zero when the service is discontinued for the winter months.

Perhaps the competitive aspect of these utility companies comes into play in these rate decisions. There is competition among the phone and TV companies. There is none for the power company. I suppose this is why Itasca-Mantrap can do anything they want regarding increases in the rates.

Jerry Claessens, Park Rapids and Roseville