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Letters: Disappointed in cost increase

I can't believe I am the only one extremely disappointed by the increase in Itasca-Mantrap's monthly basic charge from $16.50 to $26. Read the fine print and you will also find another new charge if you care to disconnect - $120! That was an extra decision recently made. In the political jargon of the CEO's message to IM members (March 2009) I read "So we (IM) spend money to help our members reduce their use of electricity and must then increase our rates because we don't sell enough kilowatt-hours to cover our overhead costs."

In other words, members step up to the plate and bail out your electrical co-op. They spent too much money trying to tell you to use less electricity.

Like many other seasonal property owners may do, I thought about this reasoning, looked at my statement, and did some math. A generator will cost far less for me. IM will do what it needs to but there certainly are alternatives. Get me off that grid.

Dan Kramer, Hubbard County property owner, Bemidji