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Letters: Boxing mentor will be missed

It's Golden Gloves boxing season. With the recent passing of Paul Carey it brings back many wonderful memories of boxing as Paul was a great competitor and teacher of the sport. His involvement in the Golden Gloves program affected many, many individuals throughout the area.

Many of his boxers came from the Ponsford community, namely the Buckanagas (Curtis, Melvin, John, Charles and Jerry), who all were taught and coached by Paul Carey. Each became regional Golden Gloves champions and Curtis and Jerry were upper Midwest champions and competed in the U.S. Nationals. Curtis, Melvin and Charles were also champions while serving in the armed forces.

Paul Carey had a wonderful and great influence in our lives. We did a lot of traveling and met many great coaches, officials and some very fine competitors. It helped our quality of life and made us better individuals.

We remember boxing in 1940 when Park Rapids hosted the first regional in the state. Today Golden Gloves seems to be forgotten. In the 40s and 50s many boxing cards were held - almost weekly - before the February and March tournaments. Paul was an activist and promoter of these events. Today, only Curtis and myself still exist.

We will forever miss Paul Carey for all he did for boxing and for strengthening our lives.

John Buckanaga, Ponsford