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Letters: In desperate need of reform

This country is in desperate need of not just reform and stimulus but more so an entire revolution. The way we have grown accustomed to functioning as a society as government as people as a country has been in disarray and turmoil for way too long.

First and foremost the government that sets guidelines makes the rules and decisions that "govern" us has lost focus on what is the most important for the people who have elected them to do their job. What is important you might ask? Is it going to war with countries for fictitious rumors that they possess weapons of mass destruction? Is it seeking to conquer and control every country that is known to have any significant amount of crude oil within?

What this country needs to focus on are its people and infrastructure. If the US spent half of what they have in the war in Iraq on health care, building roads and bridges, or developing new energy sources we would all be in a lot better position right now than what we are, in more ways than one. What if we focus on developing new and more ways to reuse and recycle? What if we discover new ways to harness wind, sun, rain or gravity to provide a renewable or possibly endless energy source?

These are all things that could create jobs in research and development that could lead to more jobs in production and manufacturing and then even more jobs in sales, deployment, and implementation. It just seems so simple that it is almost asinine to think it has not already happened. Apparently we need some new leadership in all facets of our society because the way we have been lead has brought us to this brink of desperation and depression.

"Desperate times call for desperate measures." And not once in my brief existence have I been so aware of the severity of these times at hand.

Let us all unite and put the base word and meaning back in the United States of America.

Justin Isaacson, Ike's Heating and Cooling, Nevis