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Saving energy and money can be simple

Take the opportunity to learn a little more about "going green" Saturday at the Green Park Rapids Energy Fair.

The inaugural event has the potential to help Park Rapids residents with energy conservation and bring the community together to create a sustainable future.

The Green Park Rapids group has taken initiative to survey homeowners in a target neighborhood near downtown and connect them with someone who can perform an energy audit. After this is conducted, homeowners learn simple ways to make energy improvements to their homes to ultimately save money.

Homeowners in this area who have energy audits will be connected with resources to help with financing. Programs are available through the Minnesota Housing Finance Agency, USDA Rural Development and the HRA of Park Rapids in addition to regular home-equity loans through banks.

The pilot project is a win-win for homeowners and the city of Park Rapids.

The Green Park Rapids group has goals beyond this pilot project, including the Energy Fair and possibly making it an annual event.

Several speakers at this year's Energy Fair will provide useful information to people who want to save energy and money without putting in a lot of time or money.

Learn why every home needs an energy audit to improve a home or how solar panel technology can help save energy and money. Learn how doing the little things can make a difference in energy conservation or listen to the benefits and feasibility of owning a small wind turbine.

Vendors from a variety of businesses will provide information about installing energy-efficient appliances, energy-efficient construction and more.

This event should be a good starting point for the Park Rapids community to come together to think more about energy efficiency and the simple ways to save. There will even be activities for the kids.

Look for more information about Saturday's Energy Fair in today's Enterprise.