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Audrey's Purple Dream brings people together

Audrey's Purple Dream cancer benefit on Valentine's Day brought a community together to help area residents battling cancer by raising funds.

Also known as Akeley's Answer to Cancer, the event is truly heart-warming and inspiring.

Given the tough economic times facing many in Hubbard County, the state and the nation, it is amazing that $9,000 was raised at the event.

Audrey's Purple Dream had Akeley area residents drop fishing lines and bodies into 11th Crow Wing lake. The fourth annual event was dedicated to lifelong resident Audrey Pidde who was diagnosed with terminal cancer and shared a wish to travel to Alaska.

Her friends have kept the tradition going strong and continue to make the wishes of others come true.

It's great to see such hope and positive attitudes among the doom and gloom that is so prevalent these days.

Proceeds from the event are disbursed to area residents battling cancer to live out a dream. The main purpose is to give people an opportunity to do something they want to do, not just to pay medical expenses.

Approximately 180 fisherfolk competed in this year's event and eight people dared to jump in the lake as part of the Polar Plunge. The eight Polar Plunge participants alone raised $4,266, which is quite a feat. And this is all coming at a time when people are tightening their belts and reigning in spending.

We should all take note of the hope this event can bring to those who need help and remember to give to causes such as this if we can. If $9,000 can be raised at a single event in a small town amidst this recession, imagine what else could be accomplished.

Akeley residents and everyone who participated in the successful event definitely deserve kudos for helping those with cancer "live the dream."