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Letter to the editor: Americans must meet North Korea's challenge

In 1950, the Republic of South Korea was being overrun by Communist North Korea with the covert but massive military assistance of Red China and the Soviet Union. South Korea pleaded for immediate military assistance from the United Nations which soon passed a resolution of military support, to which the United States and many other nations quickly complied. The Korean War, a desperate fight for freedom and liberty, and South Korea's independence, exploded throughout the Korean Peninsula.

America, as the defacto champion of Western civilization, rushed into the war not only to save South Korean democracy, but to also confront the main powers of Communism. After three years of heavy combat and after having sustained tens of thousands of casualties, an armistice agreement was concluded in 1953. There never has been a peace treaty to end the war. Ever since, a most uneasy status quo has existed to this day.

Today, as this letter is being written, the North Korean military, led by a murderous, ruthless regime, seriously threatens peace in Asia. However the military peace has been seriously threatened by North Korea's most recent horrible weapon: guided missiles with nuclear warheads which potentially could reach America!

Barely six months into the term of his presidency, Mr. Trump has found himself severely challenged by domestic issues of serious nature which have detracted from his presidency. Now is not the time to allow political quarrels at home to weaken the office of the presidency.

To the contrary, all Americans must meet the Korean Communist challenge. Regardless of our politics, race, color, or creed, or anything else that would divide us, we must stand by our biggest responsibility: to defend liberty, freedom and justice in our position as the leader of Western civilization. Mr. Kennedy's words once again read loudly and clearly: "No burden is too great, no sacrifice is too costly in the defense of freedom."

We must defend our principles; the free world is dependent on us.

God bless America!