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Commentary: Toolkits add to educational confusion

I read with interest the letters from Rep. Steve Green, Mr. Gebhard and the President of the Women League of Voters. As they discussed the recent attempt by the Minnesota Education Department to inject governmental directed gender training (Toolkit) into our educational process, all of those who wrote danced around the real issue. Not one of the writers addressed what is really being apparently taught by this toolkit; what is an acceptable sexual moral lifestyle. This toolkit is not about bullying. That is a leadership issue and is the purview and responsibility of every member of the educational school system. Students are bullied for a thousand different reasons. Do we need a thousand different toolkits? The answer is no. We simply need leadership from the teachers and administrators of our school


I spent my career as a leader (Marine) teaching young adults how to conform to the law and customs and courtesies of the U.S. military. I also taught high school briefly after retiring. I worked for a 50-plus-year-old headmaster who had spent 35 years in education. This individual was clueless on how to enforce and lead young people into proper and acceptable behavior. As a parent and grandparent, I have observed many different school systems. While there have been some outstanding leaders in these schools, unfortunately, far too many of the teachers and administrators I observed lacked the basic leadership skills to properly enforce school discipline. They needed much more than a toolkit on transgenderism...they needed basic leadership training in order to ensure proper behavior and to prevent bullying. I speak from experience on this a grandfather of a hearing-impaired grandchild, I watched as my grandchild and friend were bullied and the school system did absolutely nothing. Eventually, it took police involvement to stop the bullying. Fortunately, my grandchild survived this experience and became a National Honor Society student while unfortunately, the friend committed


I applaud Rep. Steve Green on fulfilling his elected responsibility by keeping the constituents of his district informed. He got it right when he said that the current Constitution, state laws and educational directives for teachers are adequate to allow teachers to enforce anti-bullying standards. This toolkit is no more than an attempt by Progressives in the Minnesota Department of Education to force their concepts of what is moral and acceptable lifestyle behavior on impressionable young children. That is not the responsibility of the school system...that is the responsibility of the parents and those in the community charged with moral leadership education. Unfortunately, this issue is not going to be solved in my lifetime. America is irreversibly divided on morality and has abandoned the existence of absolute truth (the human "Imago Dei"...the designs and intents of the Creator). Because of that divide, it is essential that parents and not the school systems be the determiner of what is an acceptable

moral lifestyle. Keep the toolkits out of the school system.