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Letter: Do we really care who gets the most legitimate votes?

One April 8, 2017 Opinion Page writer Terry Kalill says that Rep. Steve Green's idea of eliminating Election Day voter registration is not supported by the facts. And a second writer John LaFond implies that Representative Steve Green is misleading us with the statistics he presents.

Well, I would like to present a few points to ponder. Both writers refer to 3,262 Election Day registrations in the 2008 Minnesota election which could not be verified as legitimate by mailing cards to the addresses on the same day registration. The final vote count for Minnesota's U.S. Senate Seat in 2008 was a difference of 312 votes. At least 341 convicted felons voted in Minneapolis' Hennepin County, and another 52 voted illegally in St. Paul's Ramsey County, for a total of 393 illegal votes (81 more than the margin of victory for Al Franken over Norm Coleman).

Since we don't know who the 393 felons and 3,262 voters whose eligibility is unconfirmed voted for, we don't have a way to correct the vote total. The correction could give Franken somewhere from a 3,912 vote victory to a 3,343 vote loss. I believe it is rather logical that a reasonable person can review all the information and come up with the conclusion that since we don't have the courage to eliminate same day registration or require voter ID we just let the chips fall where they may.