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Letter: Does Al Franken represent us well?

In his North Star Newsletter, March 2017, Sen. Al Franken stated, "I believe that the justices who sit on the U.S. Supreme Court have a duty to ensure that everyone is treated equally under the law, but I'm afraid that President Trump's Supreme Court nominee — Judge Neil Gorsuch — would put the interests of powerful corporations ahead of everyday Minnesotans."

This sounds like he would agree that if there is a law and someone violates that law they should be subject to the consequences of that law, but Senator Franken goes on to infer that average Americans should always have their interests prevail over powerful corporate interests, even if they violated a law and the powerful corporate interest did not.

Being a judge in the USA, by taking an oath to uphold the constitution and the laws of their jurisdiction, means that you cannot decide a case on what seems to be a more humane position rather than applying the law.

Senator Franken went on to say, "Based on the hearings, I'm going to vote no on Judge Gorsuch's nomination. He has an extreme record on everything from corporate accountability and workers' rights to women's health, and I fear that as a Supreme Court justice he will guarantee that the highest court in the land continues to favor powerful interests over Minnesotans," without providing one word of evidence to back up that position. He appears to be taking a political position rather than a position based on words that Judge Neil Gorsuch spoke during those hearings.

How did we ever come to a conclusion that Al Franken, who is not making judgments based on the evidence he sites ("Based on the hearings") should represent Minnesota as our Senator?