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Letter to Editor: Rep. Green's statistics are alarming

In his March 22, 2017 commentary on the Enterprise Opinion Page, Steve Green points out that the State of Minnesota has increased the land it owns by 2.9 million acres since 2011, when it owned 5.6 million acres. That is an increase of over 50 percent in 6 years.

Now the State of Minnesota owns about 17 percent of the state and the federal government owns another 8 percent. Think about the fact that our state and federal government own about 25 percent of our state.

With the Legacy and Clean Water Funds, which will expire in 2033, our state is acquiring more and more land. We (our state) are setting ourselves up for more taxes in the future to maintain these additional lands. And we are paying current landowners for lands they are willing to sell to put money in their pockets.

These lands will then be removed from the tax rolls, reducing income to the state. Why are we so short-sighted with other people's money? In the meantime, Hubbard County lake associations are being asked to pay more for monitoring the water samples they gather as volunteers.