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Letter to editor: Equal rights for men

The problem of domestic violence is so one sided. Why is it only men are at fault, hardly no women? There are men out there that can do better than women. There's some women that can do better than men. There are women out there that harm themselves, such as bruises and harm their own body. Then they say men did it and men get in trouble. Then men or boyfriends have to leave the house so they don't have arguments between them.

There's so many women that turn their children against the boyfriend or dad. The child doesn't know what's true or false; then turns parent against parent. There are so many women that go out on their boyfriend or husband and have affairs and don't think she's done nothing wrong.

Some women can spend money like water. Some women don't even know if their boyfriend or husband is the father. Why do women get everything a man has, and get some of his retirement when they're working and spend all their's and don't put anything for retirement? This is not all women.

A man can have equal custody and still have to pay child support, medical and other expenses; it's not fair.

Some women never work and their children have three different fathers and get child support from three different men, and have boyfriends with income, and if they work they keep their income too. Boy, it's good living for them.

Not all women are that way, these women know who they are.

It takes two to marry, two to have children, two to fight, to get divorced. Why not equal rights for men? Minnesota laws are so old in the books. They should change them so it's equal rights for both parties, and be easier on children.