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Letter: Say no to school bond referendum

At the Feb. 21 Menahga School Board meeting, I asked to have the out-of-district busing policy tabled until the upcoming referendum is decided. During the board discussion, Superintendent Kevin Wellen stated that school districts are required to transport (bus) students going out of our district to other school district boundaries. Wellen stated, "This is the law." By stating this during the board meeting, I feel he misled the board members and may have influenced the busing vote for 2017-2018. I have asked Wellen to provide me with such a law.

The current MN Statute states that out-of -district students are required to get themselves to the school district boundary they want to attend. There is a provision for parents to receive payment to transport their children to another district boundary if they qualify for low-income status.

Busing has become an entitlement program and we Menahga School District property taxpayers are paying for it, and more. If the open-enrolled funding makes the school so much money, why are we still being levied for any extra school-related costs? And now we are being asked to fund a $29-million-dollar referendum to house the extra 258 open-enrolled students we have acquired by the greed of current and past administrations. They only see the dollars that follow the open enrolled students, not our own in district students needs.

It's time to take a stand and say "NO" to the May 9 school bond referendum for the next 20 years!