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Letter: Attention on danger of domestic violence

The topic of domestic violence is a very serious problem and it needs the attention from our community!

Domestic violence has touched many of our lives, disassembled families, torn apart marriages, and even ended lives.

Sticking your head in the sand will not help solve this situation!

I can overload your mind with statistics, I can fill your eyes with tears from stories that have been told, I can also melt your heart with my own story of past violence, but instead I am asking you to reflect back on the trauma that has taken place within our own community. The danger of domestic violence needs to be recognized for what it really is, and what it is, is a vicious cycle of violence that can be stopped. It's a lifelong fear that makes you forever look over your shoulder, and it's a crime that takes parents away from their children, and children away from their chance at experiencing life.

Get educated on what is affecting the lives of so many. Do research so you better understand the importance of Headwaters Intervention and all it has to offer. With the changes that are being made in our government lately, I ask that you write your legislators and voice the importance in keeping everyone safe from domestic violence.