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Letter: Vote on behalf of the unborn

Hillary's response to Donald Trump's statement that she supports partial-birth abortion didn't seem logical to me. Partial-birth abortion procedures are used from the fifth month on to the actual due date. She made it sound as though this decision was only made because of health reasons for the mother or something wrong that had been discovered about the unborn child. In reality, in this day and age, that baby could be born even by cesarean so that both the mother and the child would be fine. Modern medicine has been able to save so many premature babies that years ago would have been lost!

But Planned Parenthood wouldn't benefit unless it is an abortion, would they? And Planned Parenthood wouldn't benefit from selling baby tissue unless it was aborted, would they? And Planned Parenthood gets our tax dollars, don't they? And Planned Parenthood is a nice big donor to the Clintons, aren't they? In Hillary's world the unborn child doesn't have any rights but it sure is lucrative! The unborn can't vote! They are totally helpless to protect themselves! It is up to us to vote on their behalf!

Election Day is Nov. 8. When you cast your ballot be fully aware of the impact of your vote! And remember that the future of the United States of America rests on your decision.